Malta Citizenship Investment Process- What Does it Include?


Malta is one of the European countries that has a lot to offer, which includes the lowest crime rate in Europe, sunniest weather and one of the most favorable tax systems in the continent. Plus, it may be the easiest place in the EU to get a passport through the government’s Citizenship by Investment program. However, you need to understand exactly what is involved in the Malta Citizenship Investment process before you move forward with it. The requirements are quite straightforward and include:

  • You have to purchase a property worth €350,000 or lease one that costs you €16,000 annually. This commitment should be at least for five years.
  • Hold securities traded on the Malta’s stock exchange that are approved by the government or opt for government bonds, which are worth at least €150,000.
  • Make a contribution to the country’s National Development and Social Fund of about €650,000.

However, it should be noted that not everyone who can afford the fee will be granted citizenship in the country. The Malta Citizenship Investment process also includes some due diligence undertaken by the government to ensure that applicants meet all the additional requirements. You have to be at least 18 years old to apply for the citizenship and should be in good health, without any communicable diseases. Plus, it is also necessary that you don’t have a police record or any other criminal issues. Most importantly, you should be of ‘fit and proper character’.

In addition, it is possible for you to include direct family members in your application. These include spouses, unmarried children between the age of 18 and 26, dependent, minor children, dependent grandparents and parents and adult children who have a physical and mental disability. However, additional contributions of €25,000 for spouse and minor children and €50,000 for adult children, parents and grandparents is required.