How to buy the right gulet in Turkey?


Since gulet cruising is one of Turkey’s most popular tourist activities, investing in purchasing your gulet and then giving it off for booking would be an excellent idea for anyone looking forward to making some good money. Since Turkey is the prominent manufacturer and supplier of the gulets that sail in the Mediterranean Sea, you can find a good market for these gulets. There are always many gulets for sale in Turkey, but finding the best deal for your gulet can be something challenging.

Not anymore, when you have gone through the tips for purchasing the best kind of the gulet available in the market, knowing these tips, you would have a clear picture in mind as to what you should do and how you should work.

Method 1

In this method, you can look at all the available items in the list of gulets, explore them, inspect them after shortlisting, and then make a deal. In this method, there are only the available items in the market, not the ones that you want to be customized or created according to your wish.

Method 2

On the other hand, it is the method in which you can get the gulet tailored by those who make it, and when you have the opportunity to get a customized vessel, you can tell them all you want, and they will create it the way you please. However, in this method, you will be following these steps.

  • Wish list for the gulet

The first thing you have to do is determine the wish list you want to have for your gulet. According to your wish list, the manufacturer or the tailor of the gulet is ordered. You can add your choice features to this list, and based on this, the gulet will be manufactured. Just be sure to select a good manufacturer.

  • The personification of the wishes

Once you have given your wish list, the manufacturer will create a personification to show you. Or he could share a living example of it with you. Whatever be the case, you would be delighted to see them, and you could add or delete whatever you like from the provided images.

  • In-person inspections

After some time, you would be called, and you would be looking at the realization of the image you had in mind for your gulet. You could still add something to it if you want, and then later, you could finalize it the way you like it.

Once the dealing with the purchase and tailoring of the gulet is complete, you are now ready to get the authorities to sign your permit for letting the gulet in water. Afterward, your business with the gulet starts. However, if you want to keep it for personal use, you can do that as well, but still, a permit would be required for you to sail freely in the sea.