The Benefits of Federal Tribe Assistance


Native American reservations can receive economic assistance from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, which is dedicated to helping tribes rebuild and sustain their way of life. One-in-four indigenous communities suffer from high poverty and unemployment, making it difficult for them to accrue wealth and develop inheritance. Their life expectancy is lower than most Americans and they are more susceptible to diabetes, heart disease and other illnesses. The Bureau of Indian Affairs focuses on two key areas to help improve their living conditions.

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Most tribal nation assistance Pinetop AZ institutes will tell you about the Native American Direct Loan program, which provides mortgage loans for properties on public reservation land. There is no down payment and no private insurance is required. Lower income families can apply for a fixed loan lasting up to 30 years for a single household. The Home Improvement Program provides the funds needed to repair and refurbish substandard housing. Improvements to utility services and roads also affect the standard of living on reservations. Applicants can sign up for these programs directly as long as they belong to a federally-recognized tribe.


By associating education with family and community, the FACE Program helps indigenous children appreciate the cultural diversity of their tribe. FACE is targeted for children in elementary school. The program also encourages parents to teach their children and provides resources to help improve literacy. Several tribal grants are available for college students, such as the Indian Health Service Scholarship and Indian Higher Education Grant Program. You should also know about the American Indian Education Fund, which is a nonprofit that provides several regional scholarships to students.

There are several benefits the federal government provides to Native American communities. To target poverty, the programs target the lack of access in sufficient housing and employment opportunities. Although several reservations may have difficulty directly accessing important societal resources, these programs may help improve your family’s living conditions.